About Us



What kind of circus? 

Living Room Circus is an experimental circus company, creating and performing intimate and immersive shows. We devise and develop our own blend of circus, dance, live music, physical theatre and live art - always with the emphasis on audience interaction and involvement. We do this by transforming any given space into ‘the circus’, offering the audience a chance to experience circus arts, in places they would not expect.



Why immersive? 

Making our show an immersive experience for the audience is one of our founding principles. Rather than hiding in an unlit theatre seat, we invite the audience to share the stage - creating a much more vivid, exhilarating and engaging performance experience. 



You have a sofa?

In 2016, we decided we needed a sofa to propel our Living Room Circus into the living room. Thanks to our amazing supporters on Kickstarter we raised enough to make a one-of-a-kind circus sofa that can hang in the air, support handstand canes and - most importantly - flat packs for when we are on tour!

Check out the building process below. Design & build by Michalis Kokkoloadis



You've performed in a working dairy farm?  

We shape each of our shows to the environment we are in, making it a site-specific experience. Past performances include a pub in Canary Wharf, a  working cow dairy (yes, we had to shovel out the barn), a 'circus factory' in Denmark, a woodland round-house, a yurt, and a 15th century converted stable

Have you found the perfect place for us to perform? Get in touch and let us know!



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